About Winstones Ice Cream

shopviewPerched on the edge of beautiful National Trust Common land, Winstones Ice Cream is one of the longest running, and most highly awarded ice cream producers in the country. A family business, with more almost 100 years of ice cream making knowledge, our story is one of passion, hard work and the freshest, quality ingredients to produce the finest West Country ice creams.

Winstones began life in 1925 when Albert Winstone began making ice creams from his farmhouse kitchen in the heart of the Cotswolds, using a family recipe. From such humble beginnings, Albert’s delicious ice cream quickly gained a reputation for quality and his business began to flourish. By the 1960’s Albert’s son Frank began working in the business to push the brand and product range forward and by the late 1970’s the company had become one of the largest artisan ice cream producers in the South West supplying ice cream parlours, tourist attractions, restaurants and farm shops.

familypicNow under the management of Albert’s granddaughter Jane, the business continues to flourish at the same site where it all began. In December 2013 a completely new and enlarged Ice Cream Parlour opened on site with internal seating, a minimum of 13 different flavours on offer, premium coffees and teas, home-made hot chocolate and Belgium waffles.

We strive to create the finest quality dairy ice creams and fruit sorbets using only the best, local ingredients – our milk comes from Woefuldane just 2 miles away, Jersey double cream comes from Chipping Norton,  the honey comes from Bisley and our fruit from Hereford. Sourcing local and sustainable ingredients is at the heart of our ethos to produce the best ice cream.

Our West Country ice creams are stocked far and wide in the best restaurants, pubs, convenience stores, farm shops, leisure sites and tourist attractions. For nationwide distribution we work closely with Creed Foodservice to supply wholesale ice cream at the best quality and prices around.

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