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How can I become a Winstones Ice Cream Stockist?
To start selling Winstones Ice Cream and increasing your ice cream sales please contact Jane or Colin today on 01453 873270, or email
What are your flavours and pack sizes?
We stock a variety of more than 30 different award winning West Country ice creams, available in 120ml single portion pots and 1, 4, 5 litre packs. To see our current flavours and the pack sizes please click here. Trade customer’s prices available on request via the contact us page.
What sets you apart from other Ice Cream companies?
We have a long and prestigious heritage of almost 100 years of ice cream making in the West Country. Our family makes ice cream without cheap fillers such as whey powder, in our energy efficient factory and unlike our competitors we are a full service ice cream company offering ice cream, sorbet, waffle cones, tubs, spoons and ice lollies from Walls, Nestle and Franco’s as well as POS and marketing support.
Where Do you deliver?
We have our own vans delivering around Gloucestershire 6 days a week, able to supply customers of all sizes and requirements. We also work closely with Creed Foodservice for nationwide coverage.
What is your minimum order?
We cannot speak for our distribution partner, but our own minimum orders for free delivery is just £30 + VAT. Contact us now to place your order.
What Point of Sale is available?
Good POS is key to strong sales and we work closely with our team of graphic designers and printers to ensure our customer have the best support to help boast sales. We offer a very comprehensive range of POS for trade customers in both catering and retail outlets. Contact us to find out more.
What temperature should the ice cream be stored at?
Keeping your ice cream at the right temperature is important, and ice cream should be kept at minus 18C or colder. If scooping the ice cream, you may wish to run your freezer slightly warmer to make it much more easily scoopable. We recommend running scooping freezers between minus 15 and 17C.
How many scoops should I be getting from a 4 litre and Napoli tub?
With good portion control you should be able to get between 30-35 scoops from a 4 litre pack and 40-45 scoops from a 5 litre Napoli scooping tray.
I have a number of food allergies can I eat your ice cream?
All of our ice creams are vegetarian, nut and soya free, and almost all of our ice creams are gluten free, so the chances are that you can eat our ice cream. Check our flavours list to see which ones contain gluten. To stop the risk of cross contamination between products we have an extensive manual and automated cleaning cycle on all of our high-tech factory equipment.
Are your hygiene standards regularly audited?
We have consistently achieved 5 stars in our Local Authority ‘Scores on the Doors’ Hygiene Audit every year since the scheme was launched. In fact we are so confident that we welcome customer visits and audits.

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